Nashville is full of talents. Singer/songwriter Kip Moore is among them. With his track Somethin ‘ ‘Bout A Truck‘ rising quickly through the country singles charts (currently in the top 25).

Each day, Kip Moore conquers new hearts with his perfect song for Valentine’s Day coming out the next week. When blues meets country music, combining fun lyrics, rockin’ groove and upbeat guitars. Two worlds united with passion and honesty through Kip Moore. People are never wrong with authentic music. His video proves it scoring nearly four million hits on YouTube. The song is also rising quickly through the country singles charts (currently in the top 25).

The song is based on a true story. It is pretty fun. A woman agrees to go out with Kip. She is not really excited about his chevy. … It broke down.
He takes his father’s truck to pick her up and she totally changes her behavior. This truck has something extra…

Kip Moore’s recently completed debut album Up All Night, featuring “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” will be released later this spring. He will preview his new tracks on tour with Billy Currington and David Nail beginning in March. He wrote or co-wrote every song on the autobiographical album that addresses coming-of-age themes, love and loss.

“I think anybody that comes from a small town has lived that song,” he says about his hit single. “I lived that song 5,000 times growing up. When you are from a small town like I am, there’s not a whole lot to do. You have to make your own fun and there’s a lot of sitting in fields, and a whole lot of Bud Light and fishing poles. It’s real hot in south Georgia, so all of the girls were wearing sundresses. It was all you needed back then – a truck bed, beer, a radio and good company with you. It’s a fun song that everybody lived at a young age.”

Want to know more about this talented artist (and he is a nice guy !).  Watch below.

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