Kitchen Nightmares “Return to Amy’s Baking Company” Review

Kitchen Nightmares

KITCHEN NIGHTMARES: Chef Ramsay heads back to Scottsdale, AZ, to visit Amy’s Baking Company in the season six premiere of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES airing Friday, April, 11 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Jeff Neira/FOX. Copyright: 2014 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares  kicked off Season 6 with the return of Amy’s baking company on the show . Chef Ramsay also visited Denver in the all-new “Pantaleone” episode.

Owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo haven’t changed. He didn’t hesitate to portray themselves as a victims. When you are looking them, you ask yourself if they are real or just people who live in their own universe. Unfortunately, the story is true. Google their name. Investigate. The truth is here. You wonder if they realize what they say and why they have submitted a video to Kitchen Nightmares. On another note, it is a moment not to miss.

It was Gordon Ramsay’s first trip to Scottsdale , AZ, last May. After the airing, the story went viral on social media and media but not in a good way.  For those of you who didn’t watch this sadly epic episode, it was the first time Chef Ramsay walked out without implementing the plan to save the restaurant.

Usually, Gordon Ramsay confronts the owners about the issues  and suggest them changes which are accepted until now. But this time, the owners refused and didn’t admit that something was wrong with Amy’s Baking Company. Samy took the waitress ‘ tips. He yelled customers and was very aggressive. The food is a mess except for the owners, long waits, the bizarre behavior of owners . Amy hates criticism. Friday Night, Gordon unveiled never-seen and interesting footages from Gordon’s visit including the episode of frozen ravioli and the reasons about men who aren’t allowed in the kitchen.

There are moments not to miss specially the video submission in which Amy doesn’t hesitate to criticize his husband who is, according to her, the “issue” of this restaurant. I wonder what his husband thought of her criticism about him. Very funny from Amy who can’t stand the criticism concerning her food.

A reporter of Kitchen Nightmares revisited the restaurant. The couple is clearly in denial of issues in their restaurant and about themselves. They return on their facebook account  that had been hacked . Very old excuse and not very original . For them, the food is excellent. In this interview, they even accuse Chef Ramsey of being responsible for their disastrous public image. We learn that the only change is Samy stopped taking the waitress ‘ tips. In my opinion, he hadn’t choice.

In conclusion, viewers are not idiots. it was useless from Amy and Samy to complain in front of the camera that Fox has set up the episode. Gordon Ramsay has nothing to prove. He is a serious chef who helped a lot of restaurants .  Kitchen’s nightmares exist for a long time. Personally, I first watched it in its english version.

Of course, there is a montage of images but people can use google and check themselves if it is true nor not. The best solution was to keep something low key. Secondly, it was better to delete their social media accounts . Then, to step back, instead of re-enforcing the fact that they are really delusional and good for an asylum. But well, it is another story..  They seem to prefer to be a tourist attraction and make money of it. It is their business. The situation is simply sad.

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