Lacey Sturm ‘Life Screams’ Album Review

Lacey Sturm ‘Life Screams’ Album Review

Lacey Sturm (ex-Flyleaf) released her debut solo album Life Screams on Followspot Records with The Fuel Music Distribution. She teams up with her husband, guitarist Josh Sturm, Skillet’s Korey Cooper and Grammy Award winning writer/producer David Hodges (Evanescence).

At first listen, there is no denying the high quality feel of this album. Life Screams sounds the natural follow-up to Flyleaf’s self-titled release. Impossible, the first single from Life Screams, set the tone. Lacey is a force in rock music. Her new project attests it more than ever.

It is honestly more than any Flyleaf fans could expect. It is dominated by superb melodies, hooks, anthems and flawless vocal delivery. It is both a very melodic rock and also a hard hitting hard rock album. There are some big killer guitar riffs, a strong wide array of textures, along deeper lyrics. It  all comes together effortless. The album keeps the energy edge and the grooves flowing from start to end. It offers some real, stand out tunes that will become fan favorites such as power anthems You’re Not Alone ,Faith, I’m Not Laughing (about the bullying) and The Soldier. Lacey ’s voice lends a bleeding intensity to Feel Like Forever. She delivers an impassioned, emotional performance that reaches the listener instantly. There is some raw feeling on Rot. It feels memorable and honest.It also includes a take on Police’s legendary track, Roxanne. Her new spin makes us fall in love again with the song.

Even darkly aggressive, the whole set of songs delivers a message of hope  that rocks. Lacey talks about the life with its ups and downs, her road to get to where she is now. Each song offers plenty of noteworthy moments , honest and authentic. The message is clear and inspirational. Find light in the darkness surrounded by love and hope. Write your story. Stand out and be different.

All in all, Life Screams fits well with Lacey’s vision since Flyleaf. There is no reason for fans of Flyleaf, not to like  it and it is even much more better than you could expect. There are plenty of things to like about this album . It shows growth from Lacey as an artist. Her new project continues her vision , maybe a little bit lost during her story w/Flyleaf. The album should cross over into a wider audience. It is a gem.

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Lacey Sturm 'Life Screams' Album Review
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