Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence Album Review

Lana Del ReyLana Del Rey releases today her third studio album Ultraviolence via Interscope Records. Follow-up to 2012’s platinum Born To Die, it was produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.

The songwriter/singer took another musical direction in which she doesn’t chase hits but proves that she is a real artist.

Elegantly expressed, Ultraviolence is a strong album which merges a diversity in atmospherics and dynamics. The lead single West Coast set the tone. The songs are driven by hypnotic grooves and languorous rhythms ; blend of jazz-bluesy rock sounds and California vibe. The songwriter/singer shares with us intimate moments of her life , with a hint of sarcasm and a melancholic feeling. She is most confident, extroverted vocally to that point and also shows her abilities of great storyteller.

The album sounds like  a fascinating musical book or the soundtrack of her own movie that tells the story of her life. Ultraviolence ends by the convincing cover of Nina Simone’s The Other Woman. Lana invokes the ups and downs of her life through an album , authentic and honest. A narrative quality on a musical backdrop that is often cinematic like Shade as Cool or West Coast. 50s/60s meet 70s in an impressive use of sonic landscapes like Old Money which  is a sophisticated piano ballad, beautiful and vibrating on the strings.

Some people think that the songs are sad. Absolutely not. Life is not a bed of roses. Ultraviolence is a sort of autobiography that everyone can relate to. Lana Del Rey invokes her past relationships for example, in the opening track Cruel World, and the bluesy-jazz  track Sad Girl. Money , Power, Glory is a sarcastic response to her detractors. Fucked My way up To the Top  is about an artist who criticized her. Brooklyn Baby invokes  70s hipsters . She wrote it with Lou Reed in mind who died the day she had to meet her.

All in All, Ultraviolence is a piece of art , both authentic and honest, in which the storytelling is more than convincing and the imaginary, evocative,  . Inspired by the East and West, it is a mix of blues/Jazz tones , an intimate journey shared with us, that we don’t regret at the end.