Lea Michele Debut Album Louder Review

Lea Michele Lea Michele will release her debut album Louder via Columbia Records on March 4th.

In the middle of a repetitive mainstream pop music or packaged artists, Lea Michele’s debut album Louder is a breath of fresh air.  She put all her heart and soul into every songs. She teamed up with songwriters and producers in pop music such as Sia Furler, Felicia Barton, Anne Preven, Stargate and Christina Perri.

Louder showcases, not only Lea Michele’s vocal ability, but her unique way to tell stories through the music. Musically, Louder is a great mixture of electro pop-rock anthems and mid-tempo/ballads (Gone Tonight , Bells, What Is Love ?, Thousand needles, Battlefield). It also sounds like a collection of tunes for a Broadway musical. You easily imagine her in different stage sets. Honestly, this album will deserve a live adaption.

The young star brings her passionate and powerful vocals on beautiful and soulful lyric that will not let anyone indifferent. The 11 original songs have different real moods . In despite of an uplifting production, it remains from beginning to end, intensely emotional. At first, she takes us on a personal journey, both moving and vivid,  including If you Say So (co-written by Lea Michele and Sia Furler) about her boyfriend Cory Monteith , died  in July. Cannonball is a song co-written by Sia with Benny Blanco and produced by Stargate. The tune helped her to recover from this tragedy. You can feel her emotions. It is moving and   expresses her spirit during this period. You’re mine which is one of highlights on this album is about her relationship with Cory. She also sings about the up and downs of the life like a break-up  with the piano-driven ballad Battlefield. Some songs are inspiring like Louder that people can relate to. It is about being yourself and to live your life that you want to the fullest.

Overall, her debut album is better than some current pop albums. Her vocals are impressive as usual but at this level, if you watched her on Glee, you had no doubt. On another note, the set of songs is clearly not for radio airplay.  It is unfortunate but no matter. Louder is filled with solid songs that will delight a wide range of fans or people that love real artists because Lea Michele has much talent and everything to become a star on pop scene even without radio. It will be interesting to see if Glee‘s star writes her own songs in the future. It may become a big difference for some people.

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