Lifehouse Almeria Album Review


Lifehouse released this week their 6th studio album Almería. Produced by Jude Cole, it takes you on a sonic journey  which is the most inspirational collection of songs you have ever heard this end of 2012. It is ambitious and extremely impressive and mainly, lives up to your expectations from Lifehouse.

The first single Between the Raindrops featuring Natasha Bedingfield sets the mood for the rest of the album. In fact, they experiment  and take their music to another level. The result is truly brilliant. New approach of their music that is engaging . It combines 70s rock, Spaghetti Western , old blues feeling and gospel on Right Back Home feat. Peter FramptonAlmería is a blast of new sounds and beautiful melodies that starts strong with the opening track Gotta Be Tonight. Anthem song and an upcoming hit radio. Definitely the best album in their career and a masterpiece. Epic chorus on Only You’re the One that hooks you instantly and without a doubt my favorite along Where I come From. This song is great. It could be a blockbuster’s soundtrack or the style of music to travel across the country.  In conclusion , leave your imagination wander and enjoy.

Lifehouse Almería is definitely the best record for this end of the year. Everyone should check out Almería. Dislodge the current number 1 because this album deserves the top of Billboard 200 Albums chart.


  1. Gotta Be Tonight
  2. Between The Raindrops
  3. Nobody Listen
  4. Moveonday
  5. Slow Motion
  6. Only You’re The One
  7. Where I Come From
  8. Right Back Home
  9. Barricade
  10. Aftermath