Lilac Lungs ‘Eventide’ Album Review

Indie rock band Lilac Lungs will release their debut album Eventide on May 12, 2017.

Standing at the crossroads of synth pop-rock, alternative and new age, Eventide captures a complex range of emotions ranging from love to fear, creating a safe space for the listeners. As frightening as they may be, the honest music which Lilac Lungs delivered is peaceful enough to get your strength back if you are on edge. From the opening track Welcome to the fallout, you feel a rush of feelings come through you . It is intense. You may not understand but it calls the power of authentic music. you ‘ll know it when you feel them while listening to Eventide. They powerful lyrics draw you in instantly and have a great good effect that really help you if you pass through dark times. This body of work unchains beautiful ethereal textured synths waves, which are also deeply seraphic and vibrant along emotional vocals .Effortlessly moving between lightness and darkness, the words speak to you amidst catchy melodies. The tracks are both cohesive and rich in substance, and also groovy and refreshing, creating reflective states through a fascinating world whilst painting some kind of parallel universes where the listener’s brain could dive for hours.

The introspective opening ambient rock track Welcome to the Fallout sets the tone. The band keeps the intensity high through tempo change, a range of dynamics, passioned vocals and a raw energy. There is a stark contrast between darkness , delicate echoed electronic parts not too heavy , ambient soundscape and haunting voice on Next To Nothing. Uh-Oh plunges the listeners in an inner dark music journey about growing up in a toxic environment. The lyrics provide a release for their struggles. It is a fine gradient of light , color, darkness and elegant hooks.

Falling for Your Face is moving. It sounds organic. Imaginary is vivid. It is a really gorgeous track. Us VS Ourselves manages to capture the inner struggles.

It can be also hard to put into words how anxiety can feel but Lilac Lungs does it perfectly on Guard Dog. It is fair and intelligently written. Everything works  in unison with joyful melody to offer a positive place for the listener. While, Fine is a rocking electronic track along optimistic lyrics, Circle is sonically sublime. The heartfelt lyrics about inner battles strike you backed by hypnotising vocals and amazing guitar work and drums playing. It gives you energy if you feel down. All I Have has a beautiful guitar intro. The overall sound is emotionally effective. Finally, the closing track Young Warrior gives you strength.

All in all In an age of boring mainstream, there’s something comforting about this album and Lilac Lungs. Their music has an instantly aesthetic appeal. The words , the emotions they share are reflective and honest. Eventide feels you strong as ever. It is a powerful debut record highly recommended.

Pre-orders are available via GooglePlay and iTunes

Lilac Lungs 'Eventide' Album Review
9.6Strong Debut Album
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