Lindsey Stirling ‘Brave Enough’ Album Review

Lindsey Stirling released today her third album Brave Enough that includes the hit single The Arena and Something Wild (with Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness on the vocals) which features in the Disney Film Pete’s Dragon out now. She also teamed up with other artists for the vocals including Christina Perri, Dan + Shaw, Lecrae,Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, among others. Brave Enough is a perfect fusion of her previous works and new dynamics. It’s a little more electronic and heavier on the vocal tracks with a nice contrast from dubstep violin without never overshadowing Stirling’s playing. Lost Girls starts off on an intimate note before Stirling lets loose totally on the rest of the album.

The virtuoso violin player builds up vivid pictures, magically spring to life in your mind. It is a welcome treat . The notes are like beautiful patchwork patterns. The Phoenix is hauntingly atmospheric, profoundly eloquent and cinematic. The Arena is simply a magnificent piece of art.

What emerges on this album is the intensity and the warming stories of these tunes that masterfully blend modern electronic and classical elements . Stirling has a great sense of style, captivating the listener’s attention from starting to end. Her performance filled with elegant harmonies and light movements full of a sheer energy, speaks more for itself than any words are able to do.  On this album, she took the art of her violin playing at another level. It is refreshingly stylish and more emotional and profound than previously. A supreme musical performance on Gavi’s Song , played with sensitivity. It can only pull you the tear to the eye. It is a tribute to Stirling’s best friend, keyboardist and audio sampler, Jason “ Gavi” Gaviati who is dead that will not let you indifferent. Poignant and deeply beautiful, It is easy to like. You are instantly overwhelmed by emotions. On another note, Lindsey doesn’t hesitate to experiment. She incorporates more electronic elements, alongside her flawless violin’s playing on Robert Delong ’s produced track Prism and First Light. It works in unison very well. Another highlight on the album is Mirage. Stirling is joined by rapper Raja Kumari for a magnificent bridge between indian classical music and the dubstep violin.

All in all, there’s some kind of magic on Brave Enough ’s instrumental tracks , a brilliant melodic sense that makes Stirling’s music so memorable. The Deluxe Edition is recommended. It features 4 instrumental tunes not to miss.

Lindsey Stirling 'Brave Enough' Album Review
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