Welcome Freddie ! (1D’s singer Louis Tomlinson’s son)

Welcome Freddie (1D’s singer Louis Tomlinson’s son)

It makes everyone emotional.  1D’s singer Louis Tomlinson introduced his son to the world,posting on Wednesday,  the first official photo of himself with  his little angel, his newborn baby boy,  Freddie , nestled in his arms, on instagram captioning it :

“Meet my little lad, Freddie”

Shortly after, Louis also revealed on twitter that his little boy will carry his last name Tomlinson : ‘Freddie Tommo’.

Welcome Freddie (1D's singer Louis Tomlinson's son)
Meanwhile, Briana, the mom, also shared a photo of his baby boy on instagram, unveiling his middle name : Reign

Congratulations to new parents, Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth,  on the arrival of your newborn !

Wishing all the happiness and lots of joy.