Maggie Rogers EP ‘Now That The Light Is Fading’ Review

Maggie Rogers ’s EP Now That the Light is Fading is a natural collision between dance and acoustic folk backed up with strong falsetto over waves of simple rhythms matching with her haunting imaginary.

Simplicity with originality in the beat itself but sufficient with a cinematic flavor that still manages to sound fresh. It marks the young singer out from the boring mainstream. A promising glimpse for a bright future. A  convincing result that proves the music doesn’t need to be innovative to be great. She succeeds in creating her own unique blend of  poetry  with variation and reflection inspired by her life experiences.  A final sensation that feels real. Nothing artificial. Fantastic harmonious  synths across dreamy landscapes. She makes her own way and it is clear upon the first listen, Maggie Rogers is here to stay.

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Maggie Rogers EP 'Now That The Light Is Fading' Review
9.2Overall Score
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