How to Make Cartoon Character Maxou Tutorial Adobe Illustrator

How to make CartoonWith Adobe Illustrator, it is quite easy to create funny cartoon characters just with simple shapes and gradients.

This tutorial explains step by step how to design Maxou  who is the hero of all-new mobile swiped-game Hungry Maxou for iOS  iPhone and iPod Touch. The entire process is detailed. You will learn the basic skills to create your own character.

1 – Create a document. No matter the size.

2 – Draw an ellipse using the Ellipse Tool.

3 – Select the left end point of the ellipse with the Direct Selection Tool. In the Control bar, click the Convert Selected Anchor Point to Corner button.

4 – Select the Add Anchor Point Tool and position the pointer over the path segment at the left end point and click two times.

5 – Move the points to form the snout of hedgehog.

6 – Open the Gradient Panel. Select it and apply the following gradient.

  • radial
  • #FFFFFF (0,0,0)
  • #F2CA80 (242, 202, 128)
  • #BE8947(190,138,72)

7 – Then, apply a roughen effect (Effect>Distort & Transform>Roughen)

  • Size : 3 %
  • Detail : 25
  • Check Smooth and click OK.

8 – Duplicate the shape by choosing the Scale Tool.

  • Check the Uniform option and enter a value of 80 % in the Scale Field. Click Copy to make a second shape .
  • Reduce the Opacity to 70 %.

9 – Duplicate the shape 2 x (Alt + drag). Select them and apply the Divide command (Pathfinder Panel).

10 –  Next, copy the shape creating a mirror using the Reflect Tool.

  • Check the Vertical Axis and click Copy button , and OK to validate your settings.

11 – Rotate the shape by moving one anchor point of the bounding box.

12 – Add new shapes if you want using the Pathfinder Commands.


1- Make a triangle using the Star Tool. Choose 3 points.

2 – Select the three top points with the Direct Selection Tool and press the Return key to delete them.

3 – Select your shape. Now go to Window > Symbols. Click and drag it into the Symbols Panel.

  • Enter a name
  • Choose Graphic
  • Click OK.

4 – Select the Symbol Sprayer Tool in the Tools Panel (Shift+S). Click and drag around the canvas. The symbol is sprayed all over the canvas. If need and to get an uniform result, double click the tool in the Tools Panel to change options.

5 – Using the Shifter Tool, drag within the symbol set to move instances closer or behind other instances.

  • Shift + Click an instance to move it.

6- Select your set and move it onto your hedgedog. Rotate it.


1 – Draw a circle with the Ellipse Tool (L)

2 – Apply the following gradient

  • Radial
  • 255,255,255
  • 0, 168, 222

3 – Duplicate the ellipse and move it using the Selection Tool.

4 – Draw eyebrows using the Brush tool.