Mars Attacks Popeye Comic Book Review

Mars attacksRate : 5/5

Get Ready. Mars Attacks Martians have decided to invade this month a couple of universes starting now with Popeye the Sailor.

The issue was written by Martin Powell with art by Terry Beatty and cover art by Ray Dillon. and it is worth a look specially if you are a great fan of Mars Attacks and Popeye.

Mars Attacks Popeye (One Shot) is available now digitally and in your comic book store. Popeye, Alice the Goon, Poopdeck pappy, and the rest of his friends have to face off against these little green invaders.

The Jeep uses its 4th dimensional powers and manages to steal one of their weapons. Professor Wotasnozzle  finds a way to modify it. Is it enough to repel Martians’s  attack ?  Meanwhile, the Sea Hag takes advantage of the situation ..

You feel you have between the hands a classic comic book. In fact, Terry Beatty does an excellent job to blend the martians into Popeye’s universe using the legendary retro style that we love. The storytelling also lives up to your expectations. It is both curious and original. Was it a crossover imaginable ? Sure, because it works very well. Plus, the plot keeps this classic side for  a Popeye’s story . It is pretty funny and well-crafted.

Mars Attacks Popeye is a great opening for this crossovers series. The event continues the next week with Mars Attacks Kiss.

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