Mary Magdalan : Full Frontal Visual Assault

Mary Magdalan Mary Magdalan is a true fighter.

In the past two years Magdalan has single-handedly sold over 30,000 records and has topped out over 1 million downloads all from the confines of her Hollywood apartment and without a single stitch of assistance from a record label or big time management firm.

Now Mary enters a new chapter of her career with her new album DIGI.N3RV.

“This album saved my life”, exclaims Magdalan of her new CD. “When I went into the recording process for this album I knew that if I was to re-create some of my older music that I might not make it through”.

The album shows yet another side of Mary Magdalan and is a head first dive into future sounds by combining dubstep, hip hop & electro with subtle layers of rock on this 14 song disc.

In order to keep up with major players in the industry Mary decided to do a full on visual assault for DIGI.N3RV and has filmed four music videos for songs off of the album which she will drop every two weeks for the next two months.

“My goal was to do music videos for every song on the album, which I still may end up doing”, says Mary of her upcoming video releases.

The first music video to be released is “The Wicked Ones” a dubstep/hiphop body mover filmed on location during her most recent 35 city US Tour. Videos for other songs off of DIGI.N3RV including “Rudegirl“, “Hollywood” and “Electro Fashion Punk” which will be released throughout September and October.

DIGI.N3RV is only available for purchase exclusively through or on Worldwide.

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