Meghan Trainor Title Album (Deluxe Version) Review

Meghan Trainor Title Album (Deluxe Version) ReviewMeghan Trainor Title Album (Deluxe Version) Review

Meghan Trainor releases today her debut album ‘Title” through Epic Records.  John Legend (Like I’m Gonna Lose You) and Shy Carter (Mr. Almost) feature on the record.

Produced by Kevin Kadish, Title is a diverse and dynamic set that brings a new light on the pop scene.

Meghan Trainor doesn’t reinvent the wheel but keeps the things incredibly captivating and cohesive. Somewhere, it reminds you of Fugees. Moreover, she totally fulfils the expectations of everyone. By the end of the record, even the most skeptical listeners will be surprised by how much the originality and the intricate diversity are two of stronger points of this album.

Definitely not the one-hit singer, and even after her smash hit All About That Bass and the second successful single Lips Are Movin in the same vein, Meghan Trainor crafted an uplifting album featuring a colorful array of genres ranging from Caribbean, hip hop, soca, soul or pop music  among others with a sound reminiscent of 1950s and 1960s but with a new contemporary twist, both intense and refreshing.

Meghan Trainor also showcases her talent as a songwriter. The catchy and honest lyrics are for everyone and the moods through the album will seduce you immediately.  It deals with relationships, her life but also topics as the drunk texts (3am) or the standards of beauty in the fashion industry on the hit song All About That Bass . The album also delivers positive messages for example on the power ballad  (Close Your Eyes about ignoring the negativity).

The tunes marry big hooks with soulful tones alongside evocative lyrics with a touch of sassiness (Dear Future Husband/Title/Lips Are Movin’). Mr Almost (feat. Shy Carter)  is another playful song, funny and sassy about a guy who is not a perfect match. Bang Dem Sticks is a  percussive-heavy , danceable anthem. It has a certain swagger rhythm that doesn’t let you indifferent. It is hot and sexy. (on another note, It would have been a better second single) .  No Good For You with its frantic beats is  another anthem alongside the fun track Walkashame.

While, these two songs Bang Dem Sticks, Mr Almost, No Good For You will quickly become your obsession with their upbeat melodies that will  get everybody up on the floor. There are also heartfelt ballads such as What If inspired by her personal experience. The lovely melody takes you on a nostalgic look back into the 1950s/1960s. The track has  a cheerful charm which makes you want to hear it over and over specially to start your day.

All in all, Title brings something different on the current pop scene with its infectious doo-wop groove modern , original and diverse but also lyrics both honest and realistic that people can relate to its own situation. Title will definitely a sunshine in everyone’s daily life. Meghan Trainor is without a doubt one of artists to follow in the next years.

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Meghan Trainor Title Album (Deluxe Version) Review
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