Mika Newton Magnets Song Review + Video

Mika NewtonMika Newton recently debuted her latest music video Magnets, a song she co-wrote with Victoria Horn and Rune Westberg.

[box type=”shadow” ]Directed by Bakhodir Yuldashe, the video was shot in atop the breathe-taking Las Flores Canyon, in a house specifically selected for its unbelievable aura. Brimming with children’s books, crystals, mirrors, and all sorts of musical instruments, Mika said she felt an instant connection with the house. It was the perfect setting to exemplify the sense of wonder and nativity in her lyrics. And so she and her team went to work. The video is perfect for the song. The clip brings an additional and meaningful dimension to this masterpiece. [/box]

Mika Newton delivers the most beautiful pop ballad ever written. You can’t help shedding some tears as you listen to Magnets. This piece of music makes you literally shiver because of its power as well as the impact of the song upon  you. Magnificent words backed up by a romantic melody, dreamy and sweet. and admire this voice… It would be hard to resist the terrific appeal of this song. It is also without a doubt because everybody  believes (even if they do not want to admit),somewhere, in true love …. “I look at you, I see my reflection

The song will be available on digital platforms in early June via JK Music Group.

In any case,  Magnets leaves you wondering and wanting more ….like an album between our hands, just saying. It is time to shake the top of the Billboard 200 chart.