MMORPG League of Angels II to be Available in North America in April 7th

MMORPG League of Angels II will be available in North America on April 7th.  A variety of rewarding activities will welcome players into the game, and a new server will be brought online each day to provide a smoother experience for all eager players.

League of Angels II uses a highly refined turn-based combat system that combines in-depth strategy with an active skill system which relies on precise timing to unleash devastating, full-screen attacks. The character and equipment progression systems are easy to understand and players can quickly start building their team of epic Heroes. With over 60 unique Heroes and Angels to choose from, there will be no shortage of customization options. In addition, the game features a huge variety of game modes such as Dungeons, Trials, and Arenas that provide endless activities to experience. No matter you are a hardcore PvPer or just prefer some dungeon crawling, the game always has something for everyone.

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