Monsters University Mobile Game Review

Monsters University Game

Monsters University Mobile game is out. It includes two 3D thrilling mini-games called Catch Archie and Toxicity Challenge based on the current Pixar/Disney 3D animated film in theaters, are available for iOS and Android.

Catch Archie

It is a tap-swipe game which comes with Mike Wazowki to play to. Get  character James P. Sullivan with 500 coins. Unlock Scott ‘Squishy Squibbles” after achievements. The goal of the mission consists of catching Archie, the scare pig in a race against the clock through the paths of the campus of Monsters University. Catch it before time runs out. Tap the animal to jump on him and try to stay on the path. If you fall off, you lose him. Use your second chances cards to play again or buy them with coins.Simply swipe your finger to control your character and to avoid hazards. Unlock power-ups including magnets to grab your coins automatically.

Toxicity Challenge

The objective of the game is to collect coins while avoiding obstacles as well as bright pink “stinging glow urchins” that slow you down throughout 30 stages.

In the two games, find and collect Scare Cards featuring famous monsters or special power-ups like second chances cards, magnets to attract coins automatically or football helmets to get a temporary invincibility.

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The two mini games are just addictive and fun.They are fast and fluid. The environment is vibrant and colorful as many of Disney games. The challenges are not no easy feat as it might be at first look. It is getting harder to complete the levels specially in the Toxicity Challenge in which you get attacked by more and more bright pink “stinging glow urchins”. Characters reactions are funny when they lose the challenges.

However, the camera angle for the characters is weird.The perspective makes sliding movements hard  and it is not always obvious to dodge the obstacles such as chalkboards or bright pink glow urchins. Personally, I would have put the camera behind Mike.