Muse Madness Single Review

Muse  Muse Madness Single Review MuseMadnessRate : 4,5/5

Muse unveiled the Official Lyric Video for the lead single Madness from their upcoming 6th studio album The 2nd Lawslated to hit stores October 2. Pre-order it now here.

The track is available on their official website and on iTunes.

Muse Madness Review

Madness is a good electronic song with a very minimalist approach. It is also both creative and experimental. By cons, it is definitely a really bad choice for a lead single. The sound is hopelessly, very boring during the first two minutes. It makes you want to stop the song. It is also a little bit too “pro tools” in my mind. In fact, technology is great but the final result has no soul.

However, the most interesting moment kicks off at 2 minutes 40. It is totally different. The track takes you on another journey, inspired and ambitious at the same time. It also becomes radically unique and innovative.

All in all,this song is perfect for a C.S.I NY episode. If you like real instruments and the melody, Muse Madness is not for you. However, if you trust Muse, give them a chance. It is only one song.

Muse at The RoundHouse

In celebration of the release of The 2nd Law, Muse will perform a special gig at The RoundHouse in London to raise money for charity, closing the iTunes Festival on Sunday September 30th. Tickets are free and will be available via competitions on iTunes and their official website. All attendees will be asked to make a voluntary donation of £20 on the door will all proceeds going go War Child, The Roundhouse and The Helen Foundation.

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2 Responses

  1. Mick coyle

    This is another masterpiece the other songs on the album will have to go some to top madness i cant wait

  2. Adam

    Exactly what I said, Sylvie; it’s only ONE song on a collection of songs with completely different sounds on each. There’ll be something for everyone, even OoS fans who love a blistering guitar riff. With this song they certainly haven’t relinquished their instruments (Best Live Band in the World? Come on!) so RELAX! No one will be as disappointed with this album as they were with the Resistance, I’m sure Muse will take us on an eclectic journey we’ll never forget.