Update : Muse Survival Song Review / Video available

Update : 07/04 – Watch the video below

Muse ‘s new track Survival is now available digitally. Grab it on iTunes, Amazon and co. Chosen as official song for the London 2012 Olympic Games, Survival is a rock anthem written by Matt Bellamy with the Olympics in mind.

It will be played during the July 27-August 12 Games, as athletes enter the stadium and before medal ceremonies. It is also a track featuring on their upcoming sixth studio album, The 2nd Law.

Reminiscent of Queen’s Bohemian Rapsody, Survival is another Muse masterpiece that perfectly fits with the spirit of games. They deliver a truly unique meld of alternative/progressive rock and classical music with the prelude intro inspired by Rachmaninov and Chopin, making this song, one of most inspiring ever created for the games. The epic and memorable guitar solo will blow you away. If you were worried with dubstep/electronic elements in the promo trailer , you will be delighted after hearing Survival.

Conquering song to bring back some medals. Perfect choice by Olympics organizers.