Mustasch show support for the Victims of Child Abuse with ‘Yara’s Song’

Mustasch show support for the Victims of Child Abuse with 'Yara's Song'

Mustasch show support for the Victims of Child Abuse with ‘Yara’s Song’

Mustasch show support for the victims of child abuse with Yara’s song. The track features on their album Testosterone.

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The song speaks for itself as the video.  Just watch it and spread it. A story that should not exist. Show your support for the victims of Child abuse.

In 2013, 8 year old Yara was sent from Gaza to Sweden by her parents to escape the trauma of war. She came to live with her uncle and his wife in Karlskrona. 
After many alerts from the society about bruises, Yara not wearing enough clothes in winter time and beeing left alone in their filthy apartment with her baby cousins and other alarming things.. Nothing was done. The authorities did nothing.  
After several months, an ambulance was sent to the apartment were Yara and her relatives lived, just to find Yara beaten to death. 

The story touched many people. Apart from anger and tears, this is our reaction.. 

Interview with Ralf in the Swedish newspaper Expressen;

Story about the murder of Yara:

Listen to Yara´s song on Spotify:

Tour dates:

16-Oct-2015 Fri, Germany, Essen (DE) Turock
17-Oct-2015 Sat, Germany, Leipzig (DE) Hellraiser
18-Oct-2015 Sun, Germany, Berlin (DE) Magnet Club
19-Oct-2015 Mon, Germany, Hamburg (DE) Knust
20-Oct-2015 Tue, Germany, Köln (DE) Underground
21-Oct-2015 Wed, Switzerland, Pratteln (CH) Mini Z7
22-Oct-2015 Thu, Germany, München (DE) Backstage Halle
30-Oct-2015 Fri, Sweden, Stockholm (SWE) Rocktoberfest
31-Oct-2015 Sat, Sweden, Helsingborg (SWE) The Tivoli
04-Nov-2015 Wed, Finland, Tampere (FI) Pakkahuone
05-Nov-2015 Thu, Finland, Seinäjoki (FI) Rytmikorjaamo
06-Nov-2015 Fri, Finland, Helsinki (FI) The Circus Unioni Festivali 2015
07-Nov-2015 Sat, Finland, Turku (FI) Logomo
13-Nov-2015 Fri, Sweden, Uppsala (SWE) Flustret
14-Nov-2015 Sat, Sweden, Göteborg (SWE) Trädgårn
20-Nov-2015 Fri, Norway, Oslo (NO) Rockefeller
21-Nov-2015 Sat, Sweden, Halmstad (SWE) Folkets Park
27-Nov-2015 Fri, Sweden, Eskilstuna (SWE) Lokomotivet
28-Nov-2015 Sat, Sweden, Malmö (SWE) Kulturbolaget
04-Dec-2015 Fri, Sweden, Huskvarna (SWE) Folkets Park
05-Dec-2015 Sat, Sweden, Sandviken (SWE) Allstar Sandviken
11-Dec-2015 Fri, Sweden, Borlänge (SWE) Liljan
12-Dec-2015 Sat, Sweden, Linköping (SWE) Doom Nightclub
18-Dec-2015 Fri, Sweden, Luleå (SWE) Kulturens Hus
19-Dec-2015 Sat, Sweden, Umeå (SWE) Folkets Hus
More dates to come..

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