Mylène Farmer ‘Interstellaires’ Album Review

Mylène Farmer 'Interstellaires' Album ReviewMylène Farmer ‘Interstellaires’ Album Review

Mylène Farmer released her 10th studio album Interstellaires via  Cherrytree/Interscope Records. She teams up with Martin Kierszenbaum (Natalia Kills, Robyn, Lady Gaga). The title track sets a mystical atmosphere. Right away,the  listener gets invited into an-all new musical world, contemporary, and edgy. An epic song that opens up our mind for the rest of the album. It  has a heavy bass presence.

Interstellaires is an invitation to embark on a dream journey to escape from the daily life. There is a very cohesive flow to this album which invites the listener for evocative travels. The album envelops him in a serene space , creating pop electro musical reveries with a rock vibe to join the stars. It brings us in a spectrum of soundscapes bathed in light and deeply inspired.  It left open to the interpretation. The album bursts with beautiful melodies and heavy parts. Rich Synth work, vibrant, never overdone, is present throughout the album without sounding overwhelming.

The lead single Stolen Car is a version of Sting’s 2004 song Stolen Car in which she and the ex-Police frontman duet in French and English. There is an undeniable energy boost that makes you move. Farmer is one of those artists that challenges herself continually , yet successfully, crafting an original music without following the trends. She evokes the refusal of conformism on the funky jam C’est pas moi.  Voie Lactée has a happy and upbeat vibe that is a mix of electro pop and funky sounds. Pas d’access deals with the freedom. The song is a psychedelic ambient synth anthem, including a catchy hook, and killer synths.

The journey is interspersed by great ballads and soft moments.  Mylène Farmer covers Cheap Trick’s I Want You To Want Me, and manages to turn the song into something far from the original. It is ethereal and beautifully crafted. The arrangements are uncluttered, as for the ballad A Rebours in which she talks about the temptation that humans face to erase and rewind a moment during their lives.While Love Song is a haunting ballad. Track Insondables is dark. it deals with death, the grief of losing someone we love. City of Love reminds you of Lana Del Rey. Un Jour ou L’autre is an ethereal ballad.

All in all, Mylène Farmer reaffirms her status as one of today’s musical icons. She continues to surprise us and keep her music true to herself. Interstellaires is a great achievement. Highly recommended.

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Mylène Farmer 'Interstellaires' Album Review
8.8Overall Score
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3 Responses

  1. Rob

    Stolen car sounds great ! I love it. And the other song too, very dark. I didn’t know her but she seems to make real good music.

  2. Pim

    My thoughts exactly! Perfectly described Sylvie.
    The album is on loop in my car and in my home. I enjoy listening it from beginning to ending because it’s really a journey through space and Mylène’s thoughts and feelings.
    Mrs. Farmer’s voice sound more pure and honest than ever. I really like this new musical direction.
    This album is a real treat, it has surprised me positively and even my friends (who weren’t fan) really like this album!

    • Christopher Lees

      I disagree about I Want You To Want Me. I think Gary Jules did the same thing much more successfully – and no doubt Mylene is aware of his version.

      Otherwise, this is a fantastic album. It’s fresh, varied and catchy; and it has some great ballads. The last track, Un Jour ou L’autre, is a classic atmospheric Mylene ballad.

      I love Innamoramento and Avant Que L’ombre, but I think Interstellaires is even better. It’s many steps up from the dull Bleu Noir and the stale Monkey Me.