Neon Trees Pop Psychology Album Review

Neon TreesNeon Trees release this week their third studio album Pop Psychology.

Follow-up to 2012’s Picture Show, the collection of songs is an appealing modern blend of 90s pop, new wave influenced and a rock & roll infectious energy with a retro feel and a depth meaning in the lyrics.

The record is charged with playful sounds and anthem summer hit songs such as the sunny Love in the 21st Century or I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends).  Musically, at first seconds there is a change. The sonic atmospheric is totally different. The music speaks for itself. It is without a doubt, their most cohesive album. It is relatively minimalist but efficient from beginning to end.  Furthermore, the music captures brilliantly the meaning of lyrics. From the dance pop Foolish Behavior to the alternative rock Living in another world, Neon Trees take you easily on their new musical journey, both catchy and enjoyable.

Highlights of Pop Psychology also include the new wave track Unavoidable featuring sharing vocals by Elaine Bradley and Tyler Glenn.The synth pop tune Voices in The Hall reminds you 90s greatest hits. First Things  is an upbeat electro pop rock tune that has all the ingredients to become a hit song. The song features the only guitar solo on the whole record. The album ends as it began : strong with the punk rock track American Zero.

Pop Psychology deals with the tireless search for  love in a technology world with social media perfectly depicted in the opener track Love in the 21st Century and Text me in the Morning. Some of songs are also inspired by Tyler Glenn’s  past life as a closeted gay man who recently, came out as gay.

The lyrics are brutally honest with Glenn, who, finally accepts to be  himself. The first single Sleeping with a friend speaks about being friends with benefits. Songs such as Teenager in Love describes a life of lies during his years in the closet but also  his internal struggles with his own sexuality (“Living in another world”) and towards his mormon faith. In despite of salacious titles of songs, it remains soft. It also  is an intimate look back at his closeted youth full of clear-sightedness and intelligence that, clearly, will be inspiring for people, still in the closet.

In conclusion, celebrate the honesty , the authenticity on Pop Psychology. Gay or not gay, not matter, celebrate the fact that Tyler Glenn is finally himself and happy in his life. A honesty that is reflected in Neon Trees ’s music. Pop Psychology is a must-listen. Get your copy.

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