Niall Horan ‘Flicker’ Album Review

Niall Horan releases today his debut Album Flicker on Capitol Records. The record is a compelling exploration of love , life and its struggles and challenges through a fluid mix of the heart and the vulnerability. It’s intensely real. Whatever from his personal experiences or stories about life , relatable and inspirational, Niall bares his soul through a journey, reflective, honest and deeply raw. His feelings are based on truth and his vocal sincerity stand above the multitude of new artists.

Flicker has a classic, timeless feel. Niall Horan fuses his southern california soft rock influences (This Town, Slow Hands, Since We’re Alone) and irish influences (on my Own) with elements of R&B, folk to craft a singular style, refreshing and heartfelt.
The rhythms are simple yet memorable. The songs are effective. It is soulful on the slow jazz inspired song Fire Away. Slow Hands has a sexy beat that is suggestive along with a groovy guitar lick . There are surprises with beats to dance notably with On My Own,The Tide, the anthem On the Loose. The album also features a duet with Maren Morris on Seeing Blind. The song has a country feel. The title track Flicker is emotionally poignant. Beautiful, haunting, sublime and moving, all encompassing, this is music for leaving your thoughts run wild. Lush orchestrations add colour. Mirrors is another standout warm and vibrant. Paper Houses is a poetic indie folk, dark and touching. Since We’re Alone has a strong melody.

All in all, Flicker is a beautiful record with a vulnerable heart. Impressive and rich in emotions. It is without a doubt one of best debut albums for 2017. Be sure to give the album a listen (or multiple). It is worth your time. Perfect album for your musical library. Niall Horan is destined for a bright future. This is just the beginning.

Grab your copy now here.

Niall Horan 'Flicker' Album Review
7.9Overall Score
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