Nickelback Here and Now Album Review

Multi-platinum canadian rock band Nickelback will release their 7th studio album Here and Now November 21. It is technically the follow-up to 2008‘s successful Dark Horse.  It is mainly, both more in line with All The Right Reasons and (for me) a truly beautiful follow-up to this one. It is also great to see the band exploring new things as well a different tune. Just a groove that makes your day. Musically, it is an impeccable blend of post-grunge and heavy rock sounds with a few upbeat midtempo songs (Don’t Ever Let It End) and ballads (Lullaby).

Inspirational, interesting ,heartfelt and authenticity are the words that better describe the album. This is where Here and Now differs from their previous work (too mainstream, simple for my taste but good). This one  is what I and (you ?) expected. I love. Sometimes, you have the feeling that it’s a new band. They have renovated their song and it is enjoyable.

Ok, Chad’s catchy voice is always recognizable but from beginning to end, it is stunning, especially in Gotta Get Me Some or Midnight Queen (for Rock N Roll Lovers). From the savage hard rock opener track This means War to drinking and funny Bottoms Up,  social awareness When We Stand Together or Don’t Ever let it End, you never tired of listening to. The album is also loaded with a festival of tasty , inspired and original riffs in Kiss it GoodbyeMidnight Queen and This Means War. It really rocks.

Holding on To Heaven contains a sweet acoustic guitar work.  The bass can be heard clearly in Everything I wanna do and This means WarBottoms up (great choice for a lead single) or the catchy When We Stand Together are radio-friendly songs. If you love beautiful ballads, I recommend you Lullaby featuring piano. There are a lot of things to write .. but the better is to listen to it.

In conclusion, Nickelback ‘s new album Here and Now is a must-have for fans and music lovers. If you hesitate, stream the album> here on iTunes… You will be definitely convinced. For haters, go your way. It is great. That ‘s all.

Pre-order it -> on iTunes, Amazon and everywhere … No excuse. Grab your copies.

Track List

1. This Means War
2. Bottoms Up
3. When We Stand Together
4. Midnight Queen
5. Gotta Get Me Some
6. Lullaby
7. Kiss It Goodbye
8. Trying Not To Love You
9. Holding On To Heaven
10. Everything I Wanna Do
11. Don’t Ever Let It End

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