Nickelback ‘Feed The Machine’ Album Review

Nickelback released today their 9th studio album Feed The Machine via BMG. There is definitely a difference from their previous work. They go back to their roots with their punchy signature and harder guitars. It features some shining moments with killer riffs on the title track, Must be nice and The Betrayal Act III. The songs find the band toying with new dynamics.

This is a melodic hard rock solid collection of anthem songs with industrial flavors. It is living up to expectations, ready to captivate the masses. The album excels on tracks such as the epic Song on Fire ,Must Be Nice, After The Rain for example.

It is a well balanced album between the soft with four power ballads and the heavy stuff. Catchy melodies channel through the record. It is highly memorable on songs like Silent Majority , big on atmospherics and hypnotic tempos . They also go for a much more aggressive approach which works on all levels. They are heavier. The soundscapes are pierced by some crunchier riffs. They get louder. It is frantic and brutal on tracks such as For The River.The Betrayal Act III dives into raging music  . It delivers rough & dirty tones . The song shows no mercy. It is brilliant in delivery. there are a lot of variety through the album with changings of dynamics and tempos. The intensity stays true from beginning to end. The Betrayal I is a surprising strong  final. It is an exquisite instrumental acoustic guitar tune rich in texture , which feels cinematic. Curiously, it hits you deep. It is easy to find yourself entirely lost in the track.

Overall this is a great, hard rock album. They don’t reinvent the wheel but managed to create a different take while incorporating new little things. It is absolutely not generic but very engaging.
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Nickelback 'Feed The Machine' Album Review
7.1Overall Score