Nina Nesbitt to Release ‘Modern Love’ EP on February 5

Nina Nesbitt to Release 'Modern Love' EP on February 5Nina Nesbitt to Release ‘Modern Love’ EP on February 5

Having just turned 21, Nina Nesbitt is back with a collection of songs that she feels truly reflect who she is. Released on February 5th, the ‘Modern Love’ EP, “represents a new state of mind, a new person and a new life.”

Nina says. “It’s a big departure from the 17-year-old girl with an acoustic guitar but it feels like the most honest music I’ve written. I’ve been left alone to do whatever I want without anyone breathing down my neck saying, “that’s not you,” or trying to water it down. I’ve spent the past two years living with friends in London and sonically documenting it.

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Plus, Nina Nesbitt released today, fiesty lead single Chewing Gum .

Chewing Gum  is an empowering track that I wrote about the transient types of relationships people have when they’re trying to figure out what they want and they’re not ready to fully commit.”

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