Noted Political Commentator Angela Rye is This Week’s Guest on Pandora’s Questlove Supreme

This week’s guest on Questlove Supreme is renowned lawyer and political commentator (CNN, NPR) Angela Rye.  Check out the latest episode of Questlove Supreme with Angela Rye only on Pandora here.
 Angela about her career and the current state of affairs in the world :
On facts and having a credible political stance and the truth:
“If facts become a debatable point and not just the perspective on those facts, that is a new challenge…I find it immensely frustrating because I don’t understand how someone could be deemed credible at all if they’re not relying on the same principle of truth…if you’re not going to be told the truth by anyone else, you’re going to hear it from me…”
On President Trump’s potential ties to Russia:
“…why would Donald Trump not release his tax returns even during the campaign?  I think that if we’re going to have a transparent government, it needs to start from the very beginning, so from the outset, right?  Problems began to percolate during the campaign.  So release the tax returns.  Really look into to them to see if there’s any debts owed to Russia or any other foreign entities…”
On discovering the truth about the most recent Presidential election:
“…until those baseline questions are answered, you just have to keep pressing to ensure that we get to the bottom of those truths.  They’re just too important.  And the answers could be detrimental to the democracy.”
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