Panic ! At The Disco ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ Album Review

Panic ! At The Disco 'Death Of A Bachelor' Album ReviewPanic ! At The Disco ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ Album Review

Panic at The Disco released its fifth studio album Death Of A Bachelor . Brendon Urie pours his heart and soul into the soundtrack of his life. It is the follow-up to 2013′ s Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die !

Emotionally honest and easily their most finest to date, the album displays a highly effective new facet to Panic ! At The Disco ’s musical identity in favor of a more inventive universe.The singer takes his music to a whole new level of artistic brilliance that still continues to surprise us.There’s nothing like Panic ! At The Disco. It is your initial feeling to the first listen. Brendon Urie offers reflective look back on the past and his lifestyle . It celebrates the end of an era and the debut of a new chapter . The album is a mix of introspective, dark, slightly bittersweet lyrics, with a touch of sarcasm,  intertwined with Brendon Urie’s famous and expressive vocal style and fun, modern, retro-flavoured atmospheres . The album mainly marks a radical change in musical direction both appealing and original.  It sounds like one of their finest albums to date. The lead single, Hallelujah is a stellar track representative off this album .

Brass instruments, samples horns,electric guitars, drums and infectious jams take us on a fun journey, drawing influences from rock, hip and hop, 1920s, jazz .. .  It mirrors a new musical soul, more textured and varied while keeping this baroque pop groove.

While Brendon Urie plays the swinging crooners from the old school, on the piano ballad Impossible Year, the title track Death of the a Bachelor,  pays homage to Frank Sinatra in a modern blend of jazz sounds. Crazy = Genius is catchy as hell. The song reminds you of 1920s glamour. It is remarkable. LA Devotee is pop rock anthem, ode to Los Angeles . It also stands out as one of highlights on the album with arena-ready tracks Golden Days, Emperor’s New ClothesDon’t Threaten Me With A Good Time.

All in All, Panic ! At The Disco has managed to create an honest and brutal change in musical direction that works. Brendon Urie embarks on a more experimental phase that marks a new chapter in his story, promising for the future.

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Panic ! At The Disco 'Death Of A Bachelor' Album Review
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