Papa Roach The Connection Album Review

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Papa Roach release today their new studio album The Connection but also the first release on the independent label Eleven Seven Music produced by James Michael and co-produced by John Feldmann. The record reflects the state of  mind of Jacoby , at a very dark moment in his life (depression, substance abuse, ..).  It is heavy but also, the best musical experience to listen to. There are moments of hope  like the positive and furious Still swingin chosen as lead single , the most brilliant choice to give a perfect glimpse of what you can expect.

Musically, this is an excellent mix of metal, punk,  rock, hip-hop  infused with more keyboard lines and a hint of 80s sounds. The songs are driven by a vibrant,  fierce rhythm section armed with furious drum playing , alongside harmonious and aggressive ulta-melodic vocals and catchy choruses , which is undeniably the most kick-ass work from Papa Roach you have ever heard. From beginning to end, you can’t be helped be taken along by this incendiary rhythm section, played with passion and emotion. It is epic and majestic.  You will be blown away by a series of bombastic drum rolls ,flawless bass, soaring guitars alongside catchy verses and choruses in the entire album from Breathe You In to Won’t Let Up and Where Did The Angels Go. Papa Roach stay true to their roots, with rapping and 80s keyboards on  Won’t Let Up, which features one of the most beautiful melodies on The Connection. My personal favorite is Give Me Back My Life, a thrilling assault of drum playing, great keyboard lines , heavy atmosphere  in a high-energy pulse led by Jacoby ‘s intense vocals.

Producer James Michael gave to Jacoby , without no doubt, the best advice someone can give in this situation : to put his entire soul into words.  The final result, lyrically and musically with the rest of the band is the best medicine for all those who are going through difficult times. This album is stunning . The Connection is without hesitation, my favorite of this week even if I really appreciate the other releases a lot.  I hope it will have the recognition that it deserves. Last word for the cover art that is awesome. Hats off to the artist.

Tracklist is as follows :

  1.  Engage
  2. Still Swingin
  3. Where Did the Angels Go
  4. Silence Is the Enemy
  5. Before I die
  6. Wish You Never Met Me
  7. Give Me Back My Life
  8. Breathe You In
  9. Leader Of the Broken Hearts
  10. Not That Beautiful
  11. Walking Dead
  12. Won’t Let Up
  13. As Far As I Remember

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In keeping with the theme of “connection,” the band will be live chatting with their fans tonight beginning at 6pm PST using the innovative new technology at

Using, the band will talk to fans on 3 of 9 available video chat seats as fans rotate in and out of the remaining 6. Fans will have the chance to directly chat with the band and/or other fans, which will enable a higher level of interaction than standard chatting.

The band has also partnered with Spotify and TuneWiki to launch a contest allowing fans to share their favorite lyrics. Papa Roach is the first artist to use the TuneWiki application in this manner to connect with fans. One lucky winner will receive a handwritten version of the lyrics they share, a signed copy of the album and $100 music gift card. To enter the contest, fans can go to

With a bevy of global promotional responsibilities to gear up for their album release, the band will perform for a worldwide live stream and take questions from fans at on Oct 23rd at 4pm EST, joining a list of the biggest names in music including Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. This also marks Shaddix’s triumphant return since pulling off the main stage of Uproar due to vocal issues. MX2 also recently featured “Into The Connection With Papa Roach Hosted By Matt Pinfield,” which can be heard here. [/box]