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Phillip Phillips Premieres Home Music Video

Phillip Phillips  Phillip Phillips Premieres Home Music Video PhillipP2012 American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips released a music video for his debut single Home. The young singer has much talent. Sure but a little help is always welcome. His song , first released in May,  is seeing a large boost in sales thanks to NBC ‘s Olympics coverage. The track was used as a theme for the US women’s gymnastic team. Thanks to this TV exposure, Home was heard by billions of people and it’s not over yet…

Certified gold (500 000 singles sold) and currently #1 on iTunes Singles Charts, the song has now its official video in which Phillip Phillips gives fans a little glimpse of life on the road through black and white american landscapes. It also follows the young artist as he performs live.

If you are unfamiliar, I highly suggest you check him out . His music is at crossroads between Paul Simon and Dave Matthews Band. Phillip is currently on road. Don’t hesitate to catch him somewhere near you. See -> here  for concert dates.

He has talent, the “extra thing” to make a successful career, then, now , fans and music lovers, don’t forget to spread the word.

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