Pop Evil Self-titled album Review

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Out in February 2018, Pop Evil self titled fifth studio album lives up to its title. It is a thunderous rebirth of the band capturing their essence at its best : a textured mix of rock, metal and alternative with catchy hooks and modern electronic sensibilities.

There is a sense of revitalised energy surrounding everything. It is the heaviest Pop Evil since so far. Waking Lions set the tone for the album. Color Bleed is louder, as melodic and as more aggressive as the first .  Ex Machina is full of tasty riffs which are mind-blowing. Architects of more positive life, anthems-arena on this release, well-thoughtful , easy to connect, Pop Evil managed to give melody, a new distinctive contrasting pattern , a greater dynamic range, which makes it stand out from more generic rock patterns nowadays. It is obviously more elaborate and effective. The album is impressively imaginative with its various intricate rhythms working together to bring us life and magic as well as a broad range of emotions.  Birds of Prey is an infectious piece  that will stick with you along the mid-tempo Rewind. Be legendary is groovy. When We Were Young moves towards alternative rock while Nothing But Thieves incorporates industrial sounds.

Pop Evil self titled 5th studio album is a good way to rediscover them , a great introduction to new fans and an essential purchase for fans of rock. If they are not in your musical library, hurry up to grab your copy now here.


Pop Evil Self-titled album Review
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