Red Of Beauty and Rage Album Review

Red Of Beauty and Rage Album Review
Red Of Beauty and Rage Album Review
Red recently released their 5th studio album Of Beauty and Rage on Essential Records. It is accompanied by a graphic novel inspired by their music. Produced by Rob Graves, it is the follow-up to Release the Panic.

Of Beauty and Rage is a piece of art, hypnotic and cinematic, painting of tortured souls. The album takes you in a haunted universe, journey into dark realms , showcasing the ability of Red to renew themselves while returning to their roots. Of Beauty and Rage gets you truly excited through the whole album, with its hooks extremely catchy and its spectrum of emotional landscapes infused with Red’ unique sense of symbolism.

Between multi-layered heavy metal and arena rock, Red delivers an eerie soundtrack focusing on the inner struggles of life  that people can relate to. Descent is the opening instrumental that sets up the scenes of the album.

Every song is like a page from a book. The music is intense, more aggressive mixed with beautiful symphonic elements. It serves the lyrics perfectly, inspired by their rough experiences in the last few years. The cd brings the listener into a personal battle of inner feelings : a dark journey of pain and suffering in the introspective tracks Fight To Forget and Shadow and Soul. What You keep Alive takes you on a dark path of what’s going on inside of the mind of people. It is full of raw emotion, very spiritual in Yours Again. Memorable and totally relatable when you listen to the memorable ballad Of These Chains. The lead single Darkest Part reminds you that you are human.

All in all, Of Beauty and Rage stirs yours senses of creativity and reflection. It is a dark , atmospheric and intense ride through struggles of life  in a music always constantly melodic and evocative. The album is an epic piece of music that is without a doubt their best work to date.

Of Beauty and Rage is now available in stores and online:

Red Of Beauty and Rage Album Review
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