Red Release The Panic Album Review


RedAfter their masterpiece Until We Have Faces, Red returns with their 4th studio album, Release The Panic, which is by far, much less creative and audacious than its predecessor. This confirms my first impression. It doesn’t take any risks.

Red ‘s first single Perfect Life  was a bad omen for the rest of the album. Sure, it fits perfectly into the current mainstream on radio. It is both catchy and  engaging but it becomes quickly boring. Lyrically, it is well-written but musically, the set of songs gives the feeling of deja vu sounds. Likewise, the ballads The Moment We Come Alive or So Far Away, As You Go follow the same schema used by many artists in the charts.

In fact, Release the Panic  is just a heavy rock album mixed with many industrial sounds and pop elements (in songs Hold me Now, So Far Away) , that tends to be too mainstream. The tracks are good but have nothing special to offer. Okay, it is fierce , heavy and features  some awesome guitar riffs but the album contains too many songs in the same tonality. There are also a couple of radio-friendly tracks including Damage ,  Same DiseaseHold me Now, So Far Away,The Moment We Come Alive,  Love Will Leave A Mark. The strings are a little bit here in tunes such as If We Only and Glass House. That’s all.

Release the Panic is far to be an “expansion” of their trademark . Red is capable of make much better music.  Nevertheless, the band sticks a same formula for heavy songs or ballads along the album that is not their best work. Not recommended for music lovers and fans who expect  much more from them. Disappointing. Next.

The question now is : Should Red  write for radio or for themselves ?

RED – Release The Panic from RED on Vimeo.

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  1. Justin

    Completely agree with this review. Glad to see I’m not the only one who felt this way!