Red Sonja Atlantis Rises #1 Review

Rate : 3/5

Red Sonja Atlantis Rises Issue 1 is now in stores through Dynamite . Written by Luke Lieberman, the story contains artwork  (colors) by Mark Roberts, and Max Dunbar (penciller). Thulsa Doom is back. He resurrects Atlantis, a underwater ancient kingdom. King Kazel is hungry for revenge but Red Sonja returns.

Red Sonja Review

The first arc of this mini-series is an enjoyable read that features a gorgeous cover.  The plot itself is solid. Thulsa Doom and Red Sonja, two epic characters together , promises a thrilling adventure. The narrative is sometimes, a little bit confusing but the story remains interesting and exciting until the end. The strong point of this issue is a remarkable attention brought to lineart. It is smooth and nice. This kind of art style adds a lot to the story. The most memorable moment of the issue  is Atlantis Resurrection by Thulsa Doom. Its rise is beautifully drawn specially the waves. The colors are vivid and colorful. The artwork perfectly fits with the underwater world of Atlantis.The characters are expressive although I  imagined Red Sonja , a little more sexy as she is a warrior woman. The final twist also promises an epic battle between the two main characters in the next issue. It is interested in seeing what it goes to happen.