Reign Pilot Review


Reign premiered on the CW. The pilot finds Mary Stuart (Adelaide Kane), the Queen of Scots, in her early years, engaged to Dauphin Francis (Toby Regbo), the son of King Henri II of France (Alan Van Sprang), since age 6 ,to strengthen Scotland’s alliance with France.

Created by Stephanie SenGupta and Laurie McCarthy, the show will surprise you , see, you gonna cringe with the costumes and the modern music that gives the feel to be in a teenage drama show. Don’t expect it to be historically accurate, nor being  like The Tudors or The Borgias, it is rather a  story, that is set in the 1500s with a modern vision. The series is at the crossroads between Gossip Girls, Supernatural and The Tudors.

After a moment of confusion, the story instantly captivates ,with the French court and its plots and a mysterious character whom we only see the hands. Catherine de Médicis (Megan Follows) wife of King Henry II of France was one of greatest admirers  of Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland) . In this show,the  development of this character will be fascinating because here, he is being used as an enemy and an instrument for the plots of the Queen.  He predicts  the death of his son Francis if he marries Mary.

The things are likely to be complicated with Francis‘ bastard brother, Sebastian (Torrance Coombs), that is interested in Mary.

Some scenes like the Queen Mary and her friends, having fun at the wedding of King Henri II‘s daughter have a light tone. Sex scenes are suggested. It is pretty soft.

After several years in a convent , hidden since age 9 for her safety,  the young Mary returns to the french court. She finds her four friends, Greer, Aylee, Kenna and Lola.

Lola’s  boyfriend, Colin Mc Phail, meets the Queen Catherine….  Forced by the Queen, (we imagine), Colin suddenly attacks Mary in her room but Katherine’s plot fails. a mysterious character had warned her from the eminent danger. Colin is beheaded.

Reign takes a fascinating look at this period through a modern and inventive vision. Don’t let your passion for accurate historical shows interfere with a great viewing experience. This is simply an original exploration of historical events with a plot , both promising and intriguing and who knows, the viewers may want to learn more about this era. In any case, it is a good beginning.

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