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Richard Marx New single Wouldn’t Let Me Love You Review

Last modified: February 26, 2014

Richard Marx is set to release his new single Wouldn’t Let Me Love You from his highly anticipated forthcoming album Inside My Head. Pre-order it on Amazon (UK, DE, FR)

If you have missed its premiere last week, watch below lyrics video. The single will be available digitally on Amazon , on May 21, in Europe (FR, UK, DE)

If ever there are anyone in today’s pop industry to write a song that has the power to immediately connect with the listener, this is Richard Marx. Wouldn’t Let Me Love You is a midtempo powerful pop/rock love ballad song featuring an awesome guitar solo.

It is both poignant and beautiful. It is also a meaningful song that people can relate to, including myself. My favorite verse is “You live with all these walls around you“. It seems he writes for all of us. Another Richard Marx golden song to add in our music library. Can’t wait new stuff because we never disappoint. Wouldn’t Let Me Love You will whet listeners’ appetites of what is to come with Inside my Head Album.


Disc 1

  1. Had Enough
  2. Wouldn’t Let Me Love You
  3. Like Heaven
  4. On the Inside
  5. Through My Veins
  6. Always On Your Mind
  7. Loved
  8. Come Running
  9. All Over Me
  10. Scars
  11. Done To Me
  12. Over My Head
  13. Part of Me
Disc 2
  1. Don’t Mean Nothing
  2. Should’ve Known Better
  3. Endless Summer Nights
  4. Keep Coming Back
  5. Take This Heart
  6. Hold On to The Nights
  7. Angelia
  8. Hazard
  9. Too Late to Say Goodbye
  10. Satisfied
  11. Right Here Waiting
  12. When You Loved Me

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