Ricky Martin The Best Thing About Me Is You Official Video Review

Ricky MartinRicky Martin premiered official video for the lead single The Best Thing About Me Is You (featuring Joss Stone) off of his upcoming album Musica+Alma+Sexo” set to release on February 1st. Pre-order it here. His beautiful song, with a reggae feel gives you the smile when you are in bad mood. The spanish version Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Eres Tu has already reached #1 on Billboard’s Latin Pop Airplay Chart. The english version hits now english radio.

Review of The Best Thing about Me is You

The video was filmed in December. This is a nicely and peaceful shot video. Ricky Martin is shown among various people. It really highlights the lyrics of the song. It is optimistic. It reflects very well the meaning. Despite why we fight (innocence), our sufferings¬†as Oppression or Injustice, we are all equal in front of love (black, white, old, men, women, child etc.) The song is interpreted with conviction by Ricky. It is sincere. His gorgeous voice sings inspired words. Ricky ‘s smile dazzles the video. Hurry up. Don’t miss it.

Take a look at the music video here. You don’t regret and don’t forget to pre-order his new album that will be an upcoming triumph. A sincere music.. this is now the real Ricky Martin.

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