Rise Against ‘Wolves’ Album Review

Rise Against released today their 8th studio album Wolves via Virgin Records. It was produced by Nick Raskulinecz. Written during the 2016 US presidential elections, the topic resounds through the album including on the track How Many Walls, the title track Wolves and the reference to the results of the election on the songs Welcome to the Breakdown and Bullshit.

However, the album is not just about the political. It is about when politics strain relationships ( House On Fire , Politics of Love ) whatever on a personal level, with your neighbours, friends or family members.

The title track Wolves set the tone. It is a call to arms , impassioned and convincing.
The album is a call to conscience, for collaborative effort to change things. There is on this record a meaningful positive message of hope that rocks. It is about creating a powerful inspirational space against injustice. Beyond their message, Rise Against crafted another amazing record as to avoid repeating themselves in the punk rock genre. The album showcases a smart production. Everything is quite enjoyable. It also is refreshingly more energized and driving than ever and a little more straightforward while varied. It is still get you hooked including the lead single The Violence, Wolves and How Many Walls for exemple. The whole energy being these songs is contagious. It is fast (Welcome to The Breakdown), It is loud, up tempo, anthemic and clever. The ton is harsh and abrasive on songs such as Bullshit. Everything you look for in a punk rock song. With Rise Against, you are never disappointed and their album Wolves proves it again.

All in all, Rise Against have always been the kind of voice that doesn’t stay silent or shy away from the human condition and politics. On Wolves, they emerge with songs of hope and meaning. it is a call to courage. The album is a response to current events to mobilize in the face of darkness. The result is more than successful.

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Rise Against 'Wolves' Album Review
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