Royal Blood ‘How Did We Get So Dark ?’ Album Review

Royal Blood released their sophomore album How Did We Get So Dark ? on Warner Bros. Records. The duo unfolds to new places.

Lyrically, the album deals with Mike’s personal relationships, relatable to everyone. It is more honest and authentic and certainly a darker tone on songs such as I Only Lie 
When I Love You , She’s Creeping , Hole In Your Heart .

Musically, they have refined their sound without losing their initial rawness. They lash out with grittier guitars . A harder sound emerges wearing their musical influences on their sleeves.They fuse subtle elements of hip hop, electronic with visceral rock. The mix creates a remarkably, intricate and diverse sound. That deals in deeper textures and dynamics more than instant radio-friendly thrills even if some songs such as the lead single, Lights Out have great hooks. It is a mix of Daft Punk and garage rock that works well. I Only Lie when I Love You is a fuzzy, psychedelic 70s rock-influenced. Look Like You Know is moody. Punchy drums on Where Are You Know are a delight and the song is pure bliss to your ears. It is fiery thundery while Don’t Tell  is on the slow slide.

Hook, Line & Sinker is a smoky melodic rock anthem with swagger. The delivery is brilliant. It is intense and raw. The sick combination of gritty riffs, crispy drum and impassionated vocals blow your face off.The intensity and fervor of their playing is contagious. It is also creative and harmonious.

All in all, Royal Blood ’s second album How Did We Get So Dark ? is a sophomore album that waves between biting and maturity at all levels. The record is a mix of darkness and creativity. It is a natural progression , successful and an explosion of tasteful sounds.

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Royal Blood 'How Did We Get So Dark ?' Album Review
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