RPG Maker MV Now Available for Pre-Order

RPG Maker MV Now Available for Pre-OrderRPG Maker MV Now Available for Pre-Order

RPG Maker MV is set to be released on October 23th. Pre-order now both on their official website here or on steam, and get it at 10 % discount that runs until the release date as well as extra freebies. The new installment in the series RPG Maker comes with two free add-ons to get started : The Cover Art Characters Pack and The Essentials Add-On.

With this new generation of RPG Maker,get ready. RPG Maker MV is coming for Windows and Mac !

Here are a few features among others :

  • Multiplatform distribution and Mac Support
    Windows (exe)
    MacOSX (App)
    Android (APK)
    IOS (IPA)
    HTML5 (Web Browser)
  • Mouse & Touch Input Support
  • Larger database
  • Three layers for drawing elaborate maps
  • Higher Screen resolution that is now 816 x 624 pixels
  • Event Search Function

and many more

Pre-order now your copy and prepare your stories. Your dreams come true October 23.