Saving Abel Bringing Down The Giant Album Review

Rate : 5/5

Hard rockers Saving Abel released this week, their third studio album Bringing Down The Giant through eOne. Follow-up to 2010’s album Miss America, this CD is quite surprisingly and far away from we could imagine. It is even better. Apparently, Bringing Down the Giant seems more in tune with them as musicians and songwriters. It is perceptible on the first listen because the album displays a beautiful musical and lyrical maturity. They brought a little bit of Mississipi through a collection of anthem songs which is a rich mixture of modern country and hard rock sounds. They keep their music fresh and infectious while turning it into something unique.

Saving Abel chose not to stay limited musically and it is a good thing. They explore and experiment using traditional instruments ranging from pedal steel guitar, jaw harp,banjo, piano to mandolins. Well, if the country music is not really your cup of tea, they are going to make you appreciate it  through the very funny interlude intro Pine Mountain (The Dance of The Poor Proud Man) and  the punchy You Make me Sick. They don’t forget to pay  a great tribute to King of Rock N Roll with Pictures of Elvis as well as to another legend with Michael Jacksons Jacket. Bringing Down the Giant, the lead single could easily be a stadium song, conveying a positive message. The album also contains superb ballads specially  Those Who Wait and Constantly featuring beautiful piano lines and a great blues/rock solo guitar. If I had to pick three songs as my favorites on this album, they are Bittersweet, Parachute and Constantly.

In conclusion, Bringing Down The Giant is one of the best southern rock albums right now. You find yourself playing it more than once everywhere. Most tracks will resonate within you long after the songs are over. As a music lover, it is what we expect. Saving Abel did it. Now, spread the word. Highly recommended to all.

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