Schecter Synyster Gates Custom-S Signature Model available in January 2012

** Update **
Synyster Gates Custom-S  Signature Model with his self-dubbed (terrific) ‘secret weapon’ Sustainiac System is now in stores.

Check out here and here for features.

It features all of the Syn Custom upgrade options including Pimp Stripe graphics, Floyd Rose Original 1000 Locking tremolo and a Custom Seymour Duncan Invader humbucker in the bridge only on this one, as the Custom-S  is loaded with Syn’s self-dubbed ‘secret weapon’ Sustainiac System.

Two mini toggles are added to control the Stealth Pro’s On/Off as well as the Harmonic Mode.

From Schecter Guitars

Syn about Sustainiac System – 

“Im really excited to announce that I am finally able to release to all my fellow guitar players an extremely valuable asset to my playing. It’s called the Sustainiac and it adds incredible depth and nuance to my playing as well as my approach to song orchestration. I use it live as well as in the studio and the possibilities it possesses are endless. I’m truly very anxious to hear all of your creative applications of this priceless tool. Have fun and as always, push the envelope my friends!”

The Schecter guitar is available in left-handed version.

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In addition, his Purple and Green Custom which he used on the UPROAR TOUR will be available in limited quantities worldwide by early April.