Seether Isolate and Medicate Album Review

SeetherSeether release tomorrow July 1st, their 6th studio album Isolate and Medicate via The Bicycle Music Company/Concord Music Group.

Follow-up to 2011’s Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray, the set of songs is produced again by Brendan O’Brien (Springsteen, Pearl Jam).

Isolate and Medicate seems to be a natural continuation of their  previous work. A perfect balance between being melodic and heaviness, the album pulls the listener into a heartfelt journey, not unusual concerning Seether, but more visceral, creating, a stronger unbreakable connection between the band and listener that leads to an unforgettable experience. The songs deal with relationships and life situations inspired by Shaun Morgan ’s diary entries. The lyrics touch the listener on an emotional level through a blend of alternative rock sounds that never fails.

Isolate and Medicate also demonstrates maturity and progression on lyrics and soundscapes. Each song takes you on a different journey ,richly textured and glorious,  sometimes familiar but manages to offer something fresh and creative as the opening track  See You At The BottomSeether steps out of its comfort zone. The album shows their ability to experiment with other dynamics and it works for them. Words As Weapons set the tone. Crash takes another direction , creating an organic atmosphere, unusual and warm through fuzz  guitars and emotional vocals. Definitely the most heaviest track on the album, Suffer It All, sees Seether on fiercest territories, a pounding machine-gun approach with variation in choruses. There is  a wide array of effects, memorable and creative guitar riffs to complete the sound for example, on the anthem track Keep The Dogs At Bay and My Disaster. The hooks are killer.  There are also musical surprises as the second track Same Damn Life. The riffs reminds you of 60s. The falsetto vocals are cool.  

Finally, many of their songs are timeless without a doubt because of Seether’s acute sense of melody, much more fine on Isolate and Medicate than previously,  far from the mainstream radio. The last song Save Today about missing somebody (here, about the loss of Shaun’s brother), is not an exception alongside My Disaster, Keep The Dogs At Bay among others. The power ballad, Save Today shows the vulnerable side of Shaun Morgan.

All in all, Isolate and Medicate  is easily their best work. The album shines with a mature set of songs. The vocal lines are lovely as ever. Shaun Morgan‘s voice is even more expressive than ever before. Seether displays a natural melodic diversity and an ability to never repeat themselves. The alternative rock trio is exceptional.  They pull their heart and their soul in a music, honest and authentic.. Highly recommended.

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