Seether New Track Country Song Review

Seether - Country Song

Updated 03/21 :

Country song Charts

  • Alternative Rock : 15
  • Active Rock : 6
  • Mainstream Rock : 12

Country Song - Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray (Deluxe Version)

Seether is back with the lead single Country Song from their upcoming album Holding on The Strings Better Left to Fray out on May 17. It is pretty surprising, maybe, a bit confusing for the hard fans but sorry, it is really awesome and original. After covering Careless Whisper , why not ?

With Shaun, Dale and Johnny, it is possible to expect everything. This is what I love with them.

Even if you don’t like country music, don’t stop especially to the title of the song , it is just a twinkle and it always rocks. Country Music + Grunge and rock sounds by Seether = upcoming hit. That’s all. A great recipe. Try it. You don’t regret.

It is worth a listen. It is now available for purchase on iTunes.

Don’t forget. It is not a glimpse of the rest of the album (check out Dale Stewart ‘s interview for Gunshyassassin).

This week, Seether make  a strong debut with their track Country Song at #45 on Active Rock Radio. Bring them at the top of the charts.

The band are shooting the music video for the track.. and will embark for a series of dates. The tour will kick off on April 4. Make sure to catch them somewhere near you. See dates here.

Watch below video shoot . It is fun.

Last news. Their lead guitarist Troy  McLawHorn left to pursue other interests.

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2 Responses

  1. Jono.

    I think the song has a rad twist. There’s always been a cool sarcastic vibe in Seethers music.
    If you really were a fan from the SaronGas days you’d know this. I think the song may be a bit random at first for some Seether fans but where the strangeness of the verse makes you wonder “What the ….?”, the chorus brings you back into the zone with sheer guitar power and the rough vox that the band is known for, plus it’s always cool to have something on an album to bring new people to the music.
    I’ll hold on to what Dale says about the other songs having a different vibe to this. I look forward to hearing the new album.

  2. Imp

    Been a fan of this band since the Saron Gas days… sad to say this song is coated in fail-sauce, it’s a joke, right??. Stick to what you know boys, and what made you successful. Will give the album a chance, but I don’t hold out much hope for the rest of the songs given the crappiness of the first single release.