Seether ‘Poison The Parish’ Album Review

Seether released today their 7th studio album Poison the Parish on Canine Riot Records via Concord Music Group.
Produced by frontman Shaun Morgan, The album shows their return to purest raw rock and a firm attempt at reaffirming their spot on rock scene. That gaves us a chaotic live sound, righteous rock anthems along haunting ballads (I’ll Survive and Sell my Soul). Compared to their previous work, it is clearly different while keeping the Seether trademark but with a new twist. The songs are draped over heavier riffs, new dynamics tying in elements of grunge and hard rock. The album’s haunting style is defined by their ability to renew themselves and tattered by a dark and evocative lyrical imagery which is also personal but beyond. The lyrics exemplify one convincing truth about no talent celebrities chasing fame and money, these worshippers of new form of pop culture religion, both meaningless and full of lies . It is a truly fair look at our society. The words exult in gritty , smart , resonant allusions as well as a provoking language on songs such as Stoke Fire, Saviours and Nothing Left among others. A stellar songwriting that strike in your head and in your heart. The hit lead single Let Your Down set the tone with these lyrics ‘You’ve got me feeling like an animal , Beat down in fear and paralysed ..” The rest of the album is widely living up to your expectations.

Musically, it is a standout album. The melodies are remarkable. There is a mix of hard, rough crunchy guitar works, electrifying harmonies, and instantly memorable hooks, that spill around a punchy drum beat. The opening track Stoke the Fire is a straight statement of terrific hard rock, both fierce and contagious. The angst track Betray And Degrade pushes the boundaries on Seether ’s sound. It is certainly more aggressive, explosive and louder. The track incorporates new shiny riffs that get stuck in your head. They keep the things real and authentic. Against the Wall is honest and reflective.

The band finds new space to get break out of their comfort zone. Sell My Soul which has everything to become a hit single , has a bluesy vibe waving through an ethereal atmosphere. The track comes up with new cool riffs asThe acoustic mid-tempo I’ll Survive .It is a real gem. It has an anthemic feel that is radio-ready.

All in all, Poison the Parish is arguably their best work to date since Karma and Effect .. One that sees them returning to their heavy roots and exploring sounds and dynamics outside of their confort zone. The whole album is evocative, immersive and reaches a new level of creativity. – Apple Music deluxe – iTunes deluxe – Amazon physical – Amazon digital deluxe – Amazon digital

Seether 'Poison The Parish' Album Review
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