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Sixx AM

updated 04/13 –

Lies of the Beautiful People single and ringtone now available on Verizon VCAST (Verizon subscribers only). Click here.

A little word about the cover art. Apparently, Facebook doesn’t understand Art. Nikki met  censorship when he posted this photo on his profile . Help him to spread his art and go beyond the stupidity. Buy to Facebook a book of history photography.. maybe they will learn what Art is. For people behind Facebook, also change the filters for the images in your API. Just saying…

Like Nicky here -> Authentic Artist

Sixx AM new song Lies of the Beautiful People from their upcoming album This is Gonna Hurt (Pre-order here) currently hits airwaves. It is a promising glimpse of what is going to hit stores on May 3.

  1. This Is Gonna Hurt
  2. Lies Of The Beautiful People
  3. Are You With Me
  4. Live Forever
  5. Sure Feels Right
  6. Deadlihood
  7. Smile
  8. Help Is On The Way
  9. Oh My God
  10. Goodbye My Friends
  11. Skin

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Make Lies of the Beautiful People number 1

Mainstream Rock : 5

Active Rock : 8

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Be ready to spread the word. Additive from the first seconds,we follow the blindly this infectious beat to which nobody can not remain indifferent. A crushing melody. The sexy and haunting voice of James Michael, the legendary awesome bass of  Nikki Sixx and the outstanding guitarist DJ Ashba, are one of best musical combination in hard rock music . A side project that is a true success. This makes you want to hear more about the other songs from their forthcoming record.

Sixx AM This is Gonna HurtUnless you lived on a remote island or in a cave in the deep of earth, everybody knows who is Nikki Sixx. Bassist of Mötley Crue , songwriter, creative, an authentic artist and a talented photographer. Check out the official video for Lies of The beautiful People in which you can see some of his photographs of his upcoming  book This is Gonna Hurt (out on April 12th) of the same name of Sixx AM Album, expressive photography.. fascinating.. real and inspired art.. that creates a reaction. Pre-order the book on

I am falling love with this art… music, photography.. Request Lies of The Beautiful People on your favorite radio station. Don’t hesitate.


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