Sixx:AM 7 EP Review – Available now + Codependence Single as Free Download on iTunes


James Michaël Interview

Grab your copy -> here and download for free this week on iTunes, an unreleased Song Codependence -> here. and it is frankly amazing.

Sixx:AM release today on December 13, a 7-track acoustic EP. It is both an exquisite and inspired acoustic reworking of 7 songs from their 2 albums The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack and This is Gonna Hurt.

It is also very elegant and classy  as well as memorable at all levels.. It features a nice variety of high quality textures. They created for us a captivating performance not to miss out and nothing short of spectacular, blending together acoustic/bass and electric guitars, piano, cellos, violins .. Every songs highlight the beauty of the incomparable vocals of James Michaël  : the voice of an angel in This is Gonna Hurt,a little gem that features an extremely appealing piano filled with emotion, complemented in the background, by electric guitar.He shines on the EP, through beautiful melodies , subtle and gorgeous arrangements and memorable guitar parts. Unforgettable and soaring music also reinforce the powerful meaning lyrics.

The opener track Life of the Beautiful people consists of acoustic guitar and oriental orchestration that make the song more infectious than the original. The solo guitar is also a highlight. Their hit single Life is Beautiful is remarkably revisited. Help is on the Way is my first favorite. It features a very appealing combination of acoustic guitar,cellos/violins and piano alongside speechless vocals with high quality arrangements. All tunes are all truly different. Sure Feels Right is a great fusion of violins, piano with modern rock electric guitar. Track Pray For Me is another of my favorite ; an awesome acoustic guitar duo, highly recommended. Accidents Can Happen ends perfectly this collection of masterpieces.

In conclusion, 7 EP is a nice early Christmas present to their fans (including me) and a wonderful surprise. This CD have to be on the top of your Christmas List. If you appreciate real music, you should grab 7 EP. I am a big fan of acoustic music and this one seemed like a natural choice ,both, personally and for the magazine. This EP reinforces my idea just how great this trio – James Michaël, DJ Ashba and Nikki Sixx – is. What more do I need to say ? Nothing. End of the Story. Appreciate Sixx:AM 7 EP and spread the word.


  1. Lies of The Beautiful Lies
  2. This Is Gonna Hurt
  3. Life is Beautiful
  4. Help Is on The Way
  5. Sure Feels Right
  6. Pray for Me
  7. Accidents Can Happen

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3 Responses

  1. Ian

    Is it just me or am i wrong but accidents can happen sounds the same as the one on the heroin diaries

    • Sylvie Lesas

      For Ian : Accidents can happen Song on Sixx:AM 7 is different. There is no “drum pattern“. It is simply acoustic (more perceptible) and DJ ‘s electric guitar. This is the difference with the one on The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.

  2. Andreas

    I totally agree with you on this review! All the songs are really beautiful and touching. This EP really makes me like Sixx: AM even more :)