Skillet Sick of It Single Review

skilletSkillet released their new single Sick of It. It is available on iTunes. The track features on their upcoming album Rise, slated to release on June 25 via Atlantic/Word.

The song may surprise long-time fans but it is relatively impressive. Apparently, Skillet have decided to take with this single, another musical direction. It might be a sign of what you can expect from Rise. By the way, the tune will become another Skillet classic in the list of their smash hits.

Sick of it keeps the old Skillet sound while incorporating the good amount of electronics that reminds you a little bit of 90s. They combine these new sounds with their catchy hard rock riffs , soaring chorus along an infectious melody and grunge vocals.

Skillet Sick Of It ┬ályric video made from fan’s submissions can be seen below.