Standards of Living feature-length Film Feedback

standards of livingStandards of Living  is one of the weirdest films I have ever watched.  The combination of horror, science fiction and dark comedy is a little bit particular.

The film follows a comedian Peter Sayer (Scott Yarborough) who is unfunny and wants to change that. One night, a mysterious and strange character called Mr. Randall (Bill Ferris) who conducts teleporting experiments through a door, claims he can cause cargo to “improve” during the journey back including Peter.  He accepts. What are Mr Randall‘s reasons ? At the beginning, that seems legit… but at the end, where  is the truth ? Where is the reality ?

In fact, the first-feature-length movie seems to be a big burlesque joke , that is quite realistic. It doesn’t look like fiction but a crime docudrama, visually artistic and cohesive even if sometimes the plot could leave you confused. You need an open mind to fully appreciate the film at a fair value. It is not for the mainstream public. The acting is remarkable and really convincing.  40 first minutes are addictive. Next, scenes are quite disturbing. The teleporting experiments become extremely creepy. Is it a total illusion ? The result may not be expected.

Standards of Living  is the first feature-length film shot on iPad 2 that displays the wide abilities of iPad 2 and without a doubt one of its best use. Sure for the sci-fiction, the iPad lends itself to this type of exercise to perfection. The outcome is excellent.

I am not really sure to have understood the complete story but it is worthy your time  to make you your own opinion.

Not recommended for children.