Stone Sour Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero Songs Review

Stone Sour

Stone Sour are currently streaming two tracks Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero from their highly anticipated upcoming double concept album House of Gold and Bones. Part 1 will be released on October 23rd. Part 2 will be available in 2013.

Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero are now available on iTunes. Grab them -> here.

Stone Sour ‘s ambitious project also comes with four-issue miniseries comic books. It tells the difficult journey of a young man to adulthood. It is the dilemma between staying adolescent and grow up.

Stone Sour Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero Review

Driving by explosive heavy thrash metal riffs from the flawless guitar duo, Jim Root and Josh Rand, this exciting premise sets the tone. Combining with the fiery blast of galloping drums by Roy Mayorga alongside clear bass groove from Rachel Bolan‘s, the songs reach their peak of excellence with roaring and melodious vocals from Corey Taylor. The songs are themselves two of the most unique metal songs we’ve ever heard of all time.

Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero are interconnected tracks while telling a part of the story. These two songs are the most infectious and the most flamboyant pieces of music for a concept album, definitely the most convincing intro that every concept album should have. Fine and brutal. Absolutely not what you expect. If you were skeptical when you heard the words “concept album”, you quickly feel it is a kickass project. One can feel the pure conviction and the harmony of the band on these two tracks. Imagine the rest of House of Gold and Bones. Mark your calendars. Stone Sour are back.

Stone Sour House of Gold and Bones Part 1 Tracklist as follows

  1. Gone Sovereign
  2. Absolute Zero
  3. A Rumor of Skin
  4. The Travellers Part 1
  5. Tired
  6. RU486
  7. My Name is Allen
  8. Taciturn
  9. Influence of A Drowsy God
  10. The Travellers part 2
  11. Last of the Real